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Welcome to the support section of our website! You will find all the information you need to make the most of collana pay. Our team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have and provide help with any issues or difficulties you encounter.

Available PSPs and payment methods

Here you can directly access the PSPs and payment methods integrated in collana pay

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You can go directly to the collana pay API.

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In this portal you will find all relevant information for collana pay and a direct contact to our support team!


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The one-time onboarding fee includes the following services:

- Creation of customer environment (tenant)
- Creation of the customized data analytics environment (via Microsoft Power BI)
- Setting up the admin portal and user access
- Setup and user access to Help Desk system incl. Knowledge Center
- Online briefing admin portal, data analytics (approx. 60 min) and help desk
In der Einrichtungspauschale sind folgende Leistungen enthalten:

- Erstellung Kundenumgebung (Tenant)
- Erstellung der kundenindividuellen Data Analytics Umgebung (via Microsoft Power BI)
- Einrichtung Admin-Portal und der Benutzerzugriffe
- Einrichtung und Benutzerzugriff auf Help Desk System inkl. Knowledge Center
- Online Einweisung Admin-Portal, Data Analytics (ca. 60 min) und Help Desk


Developer /API

Here you can go directly to the collana pay API.

Introduction video