Implement future changes of PSPs or payment methods quickly and easily. Existing integrations and plug-ins for online stores and ERP systems guarantee fast and consistent implementation of your desired payment methods.

Benefit from the integration into ERP or OMS systems for the automation of payment capture, capturing of outgoing payments, posting of invoices and refunds in the returns process.

This saves you time and reduces sources of error that often occur when capturing capturings and refunds manually.

collana pay integration in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Do you use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Perfect! With our collana pay Business Central app, we enable the use of all PSPs and payment methods in our multi-payment platform within Business Central.

After installing our extension (app), new collana pay specific pages, tables, fields and jobs will be visible in your Business Central system.

The payment methods and payment service providers are set up directly via a wizard in Business Central and support you in carrying out sales and refund processes (for returns or cancelation of sales orders) via collana pay.

collana pay in the sales process

Your webshop orders reach your Business Central system via an established web order interface and are usually created as BC sales orders.

The payment information (e.g. Paypal transaction ID) is stored in a field set up for collana pay.

These are the basis for further process steps such as the collection of the amounts (capture) or the reimbursement of payments in the event of returns or cancelations (refund).

High transparency and efficient error handling for payment processes

Get an up-to-date status of your payments at all times and immediately recognize if there are any problems that you need to respond to. Regardless of the payment service provider used, you will receive a comprehensive error message directly in Business Central.

The collana pay Admin Portal (COPAL) is available for a more detailed analysis of these error messages. In this portal, you can solve many problems yourself or provide our support team with important information at any time by submitting a ticket.

Shop systems

Novomind iShop

Our partner novomind enables fast implementation of collana pay through an existing integration in the novomind iSHOP Storefront frontend.

With a unique portfolio of software products and services, the company from Hamburg develops tailor-made solutions in digital commerce and customer service.

For more information, visit:

DiVA ERP System

collana pay is an integral part of the successful omni-channel solution "DiVA" from MAC IT Solutions and includes additional functions for large retailers.

Awarded ERP System of the Year 2023 in the "cloud" category, DiVA stands for innovation, future-proofing and the latest technology. Supplemented by IT services such as data analytics and managed cloud services, MAC puts your entire backend on a powerful footing.

The system house relies on established Microsoft technology with the Azure, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft Office 365 and Power Platform platforms.

For more information, visit:

ERP and OMS systems

Fiege OMS

The Order Management System (OMS) by FIEGE is the solution for eCommerce companies looking to grow.

The OMS, combined with collana pay as the payment orchestrator, enables seamless payment processing with the widest range of PSPs and payment methods, ensuring fast implementation and seamless integration with webshops and marketplaces.

For more information, visit

The one-time onboarding fee includes the following services:

- Creation of customer environment (tenant)
- Creation of the customized data analytics environment (via Microsoft Power BI)
- Setting up the admin portal and user access
- Setup and user access to Help Desk system incl. Knowledge Center
- Online briefing admin portal, data analytics (approx. 60 min) and help desk
In der Einrichtungspauschale sind folgende Leistungen enthalten:

- Erstellung Kundenumgebung (Tenant)
- Erstellung der kundenindividuellen Data Analytics Umgebung (via Microsoft Power BI)
- Einrichtung Admin-Portal und der Benutzerzugriffe
- Einrichtung und Benutzerzugriff auf Help Desk System inkl. Knowledge Center
- Online Einweisung Admin-Portal, Data Analytics (ca. 60 min) und Help Desk


Developer /API

Here you can go directly to the collana pay API.

Introduction video