About the "hive"

The collana hive GmbH is a member of the collana IT Group and specializes in the international marketing of business apps. With the spin-off of payment services from its sister company MAC IT-Solutions GmbH, the hive was founded in Hamburg in 2023 and can therefore benefit from over 20 years of experience in e-commerce. Our employees develop and market B2B solutions based on state-of-the-art technologies and cloud concepts.

Our focus

The company specializes in the development of applications in the areas of e-commerce, payment processing, and other IT services in the B2B context. The first app in our product portfolio is the successful  payment orchestration platform  “collana pay,” which supports e-commerce companies in the flexible integration with payment providers and prepares them for decision-making within their internationalization strategies with unique data insights. More apps will follow shortly.

Our passionate team of developers and designers works continuously to improve and optimize our products and services.

Our vision

Our vision is to make every company more successful with our apps.

Our mission

We aim to achieve this vision by giving individuals the freedom to determine their own tasks and by relieving them of monotonous manual and repetitive tasks. We achieve this through high automation of underlying processes.

In a dynamic environment, we provide stability and security to our customers. Our apps stand for proven standardization and highest reliability.

This allows our customers to maintain their competitiveness within the framework of digital transformation.

We work closely with our partners and customers to stay up to date with the latest technology and continuously improve our products and services.

We invest in the training and development of our team to ensure that we always have the knowledge and skills to provide the best possible solutions to our customers.

We are a company known for its technological expertise, customer service, and innovation capabilities.

That sounds great, but what does it mean in concrete terms..?

How can we positively influence our customers' everyday lives and create value with collana pay?

  • We facilitate access to automated and standardized payment processes for all businesses (small, medium, and large).
  • We democratize payment integrations by offering automated payment processes also to small businesses at a fair price.
  • We empower customers to make decisions regarding new providers and payment methods by visualizing key data through data analytics.
  • We reduce the complexity of payment processes for our customers and take that burden upon ourselves.
  • We provide our customers with maximum flexibility to quickly expand into new countries with their desired payment methods or operate multiple providers simultaneously.
  • We significantly reduce the lock-in effect to a single payment service provider (PSP) (e.g., Wirecard) and thereby reduce the risk of dependency.

We aim to become the most popular payment orchestration platform
that enables every merchant to sell quickly and easily.

The one-time onboarding fee includes the following services:

- Creation of customer environment (tenant)
- Creation of the customized data analytics environment (via Microsoft Power BI)
- Setting up the admin portal and user access
- Setup and user access to Help Desk system incl. Knowledge Center
- Online briefing admin portal, data analytics (approx. 60 min) and help desk
In der Einrichtungspauschale sind folgende Leistungen enthalten:

- Erstellung Kundenumgebung (Tenant)
- Erstellung der kundenindividuellen Data Analytics Umgebung (via Microsoft Power BI)
- Einrichtung Admin-Portal und der Benutzerzugriffe
- Einrichtung und Benutzerzugriff auf Help Desk System inkl. Knowledge Center
- Online Einweisung Admin-Portal, Data Analytics (ca. 60 min) und Help Desk


Developer /API

Here you can go directly to the collana pay API.

Introduction video