Welcome to our partner community! We are pleased to introduce you to our various partnerships, including ISV Partners, Referral Partners and Solution Partners. These multi-layered relationships are crucial to our mission of providing customized and comprehensive solutions that are tailored to the needs of our customers.

With a wide range of partners, we can ensure that we always provide the best possible options and resources to make our customers’ business successful.


PaymentConcept has been active in various areas of online payments since 2014. The focus here is particularly on taking the wishes and concerns of retailers into account.

PaymentConcepts’ portfolio includes not only fee optimization, but also risk analysis and fraud prevention, which ensures increased security and transparency for both online merchants and affiliated payment service providers.

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The Partner Sales

The Partner Sales is an international team of business developers, CRM and ERP specialists and sales professionals.

Their mission is to find the perfect project opportunity for your organization by connecting their partners with the most qualified customers, ISVs, implementation partners, distributors and vendors. With over 150 customers in more than 17 countries, The Partner Sales is a broad-based global partner.

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Novomind develops perfectly tailored software solutions for enterprises all over the world and uniquely combines the areas of digital commerce and customer service in its product portfolio.

As an owner-managed company, Novomind can act independently and has been established on the market for over 20 years. With over 500 employees, Novomind is fully committed to its high-quality products and services.

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MAC IT Solutions

MAC IT-Solutions is your partner for the optimal backend for digital commerce in the DACH region. Specializing exclusively in e-commerce and omnichannel retail, MAC not only keeps pace with the dynamics and complexity of online retail, but also sets benchmarks and develops new services – and has been doing so for over 20 years.

At the heart of the portfolio is the high-performance ERP and CRM solution DiVA. Supplemented by IT services such as data analytics and managed cloud services, MAC puts your entire backend on a powerful footing. The system house relies on established Microsoft technology with the Azure, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft Office 365 and Power Platform platforms.

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Fleno GmbH

Fleno GmbH is a software development agency based in Flensburg, high up in the north of Germany.

As an e-commerce agency, Fleno is a good partner for the development of online stores and beyond the launch of the webshop. Fleno GmbH is also at home in the business world and offers project management and consulting in addition to the programming of individual software.

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ABC E BUSINESS is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner for the SMB market, mainly in the Netherlands. Their motto is simple and clear: Help their clients in achieving more on a daily basis which they do so by helping them implement Business Central.

With Business Central, ABC E BUSINESS strives to accelerate their costumers businesses and empower their employees to do more with less. The main focus is to be transparent, open and people-oriented and their specialization is mainly focused on wholesalers; production and companies that work with project- and time registration.

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Salini Life GmbH

Salini Life GmbH is a specialist in the field of Microsoft Dynamics. Whether Microsoft Dynamics NAV/BC or Microsoft Dynamics AX/FO, Salini Life will provide you with expert information on which system is right for you and your company.

As specialists in the field of finance, Salini Life GmbH can help you automate all your financial accounting processes.

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The one-time onboarding fee includes the following services:

- Creation of customer environment (tenant)
- Creation of the customized data analytics environment (via Microsoft Power BI)
- Setting up the admin portal and user access
- Setup and user access to Help Desk system incl. Knowledge Center
- Online briefing admin portal, data analytics (approx. 60 min) and help desk
In der Einrichtungspauschale sind folgende Leistungen enthalten:

- Erstellung Kundenumgebung (Tenant)
- Erstellung der kundenindividuellen Data Analytics Umgebung (via Microsoft Power BI)
- Einrichtung Admin-Portal und der Benutzerzugriffe
- Einrichtung und Benutzerzugriff auf Help Desk System inkl. Knowledge Center
- Online Einweisung Admin-Portal, Data Analytics (ca. 60 min) und Help Desk


Developer /API

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